Yousie, The Memeslinger Edit

Yousie came from the void monster DJ Khaled in the year 7 ABA, and was rescued in the middle of a rice farm in Koreatown, Idaho. Joe quickly converted to Senseism.

Yousie is probably the biological son of Saga Diik. Yousie wants to be a god. Yousie had lived most of his life as a peasant or rice farm worker, until he climbed to the top of Mount Macaroni and finding shrines to the Lego Star Wars. He found fame after that, but that quickly ended. Yousie is also known for shooting Ricktatorship. Yousie tried to kill himself after he found out that he was a child prostitute, but he quickly figured out that fingernails aren't as sharp as he previously thought, even if he cut across the street. He then jumped in front of a train and tried to kill himself, but the train stopped just in time. He then decided that life was worth it and gave up.

Yousie has a huge addiction to Weakmeg and does not die from it because he is not a dog.

He started the business Yousie Brand Thongs

he is friends with SirSupremacy

he currently works for SirSupremacy on his Nutmeg farms to escape Riktatorship.

He will probably convert to Anakinist.

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