Whoagh is an Elder God followed by the Senseist Cult. He is a Sensei of The Senseist Cult. He is mainly known for his vast knowledge, earning him the name of "All Seer" to The Senseists. His demigay whom he taught the ways of the cult is Gerbish. He was born in 23 BGA (along with Anakin.) He is known as one of the belligerents in the 2 great battles of Idaho. In the first battle (2BGA) he paralyzed Anakin and burnt him to death using a lighter and gasoline.After his victory of the battle, he became a sensei and practiced his learning, which led to him becoming the All Seer for the Senseists.

Anakin was presumed dead but 2 years later he came back as Ghost Anakin, and started the Ghost Anakin Cult. At the same time The Senseist Cult was formed by supporters of Whoagh. He is now the lead Sensei but is currently banished to the immortal realm due to the second battle of Mount Dildo.

Before him becoming the sexiest doggo in the multiverse, he was a nutmeg/marijauna/jedisysup dealer, but when his powers became apparent, he ascended into god hood, and at the first battle with ghost anakin, he became an Elder God

Once he became a god he got a bunch of followers, some being other gods. He heard of another Elder God, anakin, who was gaining prominence. They challenged eachother to a duel, which Whoagh won by a fucking landslide using his powers of conjuration and flames. His followers formed the Senseist Cult, which invented tiers of power: A sensei, or a person a great skill and is a leader. Whoagh was the first Sensei. He is a mighty fine doggo and poses a good threat to Ghost Anakin. But, the 2 are not at war. They both have to team up to find and kill Ricktator. It is rumored (and is fact) that Whoagh has the knowledge of anything, including Ricks location. He tells his fellow Elder God, Ghost Anakin of this, and they both gather their most badass disciples to take rick out on a covert mission, or Operation Penetrate.

Whoagh is creditited with knowing everything, including the most powerspell in the omniverse: Implementus Kidneystonus, which has its own page. He also taught Gerbish the most powerful spell in the multiverse

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