The Void Wars is a series of Battles lasting for the past 24 years. It was caused when after a mysterious battle, a hole opened up , which was the first wormhole. A few demons fell out and terrorized the people of the "hood" they landed on. (Ghost Anakin and SirSupremacy killed them). The Void, after discovering Idaho has been trying to conquer it all, under their leader, Matt Cocksworth. They are currently trying to take Gabür, and occupied it briefly before The Battle of Gabür before they retreated back to the edge of the void.

The Void has also made some moves on boise, but the void is very incompetent


  • Battle for Gabür, result: Decisive Victory for Senseist Regime
  • Ganggg Shoot out: Argument Mafia and Void Forces skirmish in suburbs around Gabür: 1 casualitie in Mafia, but win for
  • Random Battles for certain "hoods" in Boise: Void victory

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