The Weeb Gang; A Most Depressing Mafia Edit

Founded in 4AGA by Watshi Wuski, this group wields cheap Shop and Stop grade katanas, and plastic shurikens. They came into contact with The Moob Gang as soon as it started up and have acted as the private security force for THE GABLIN EMPIRE since 16AGA. This is a list of known members. (In Order and With Completely authentic translations.)

Yakuza/Sempai(Leader)- Watshi Wuski

IMG 0755


IMG 0343

Onigiri(Consultant)- Big Nipple Hick

IMG 0757

Kuso Eater-(Division Leader)- Marko Rubio

IMG 0758

Ochichi Toucher(Master Assasin- Washin Mah Dong

IMG 0756

Mini-Gojira-(3ft Tall Godzilla)-

IMG 0754