The Senseist Cult is a cult based around the belief that Whoagh is the supreme diety and it also has the belief that Ghost Anakin is a god. It was invented by the followers of Whoagh when the mortals took sides on who they wished to follow. After the Mind Fog of Whoagh faded he lost some of these followers to the void. Some Anakinists joined up with him though after he cleared up. The descendents of these people are the modern senseists and in the time the generations more people have joined the cult.


  • Dont be a prude
  • If you are concered with getting yelled at fuck off

In the year 23 BGA Whoagh was born. 23 years later he beat Anakin in a battle using the most devastating spell Implementus Kidneystonus. His followers at the time of the battle started the cult. The Senseists and Whoagh fought in the Void Wars, alongside Ghost Anakinwhen the void tried to invade Idaho and kill The Sticksters.

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