Rook Edit

  1. Rook was a peasant born in 42BGA in Old Idaho, and became a actor. He always thought he was the shit when in reality he sucked more ass than a gay prostituthe in Harlem. Actually, he was so bad he had to become a gay prostitute, disguised as a cop, whom many called the Rook on the streets of Bevorly and Brighton (Pre Corbis Invasion). He currently works with the Moob Gang and the Efraimsons as a prostitute and a fake undercover cop, a shitty not too succesful act that only works on people with a few too many chromosomes. He plays a cop while he pulls over unsuspeciting peasants and asks for money in a pleading way. His best friend is Ricktatorship. He is possibly in a relationship with the dirty sweed. Evan secretly worked for him.