Aka; Common Doggo Spell Edit

Overview Edit

Most Doggo know this spell, as all Doggos can move their tale at such a pace that it is classified as a spell. This spell is only mastered through the wagging of the tail rapidly every day, and while meditating on 500 grams of Nutmeg or 1000 Grams of Fakemeg, or 10,000 grams of Devil’s Grass Even though it is technically not a spell, it creates such maximum amounts of energy that it secretes a liquid that tastes much like Orange Soda, and can be bottled and drank by Doggos.

Spell Effects Edit

The spell creates an orange fire around the Doggo’s ail that can either be launched outwards as abeam or simply thrust like a dildonic object at an enemy

The Orange Soda Edit

It only affects Doggos when consumed, and just tastes good to any other species, but may lead to lots of orange secretion from unwanted holes.