Sam Edit

Sam is one of the first people, and the creator of the only game that anyone in the world plays. "Memertale" is a game that chronicles what happened on the First Battle of Mount Dildo. Sam himself is the leader of this game. The one who helped Anakin lead the Stickster Dynasty to freedom, although James Stickster secretly lead John Stickster into making Sam. Though later Sam helped Anakin make the Stickster Dynasty. He also helped Anakin create the Mos Eisley Cantina. The realm portal that is also an obnoxiously prone bar fight bar.

kensni; "I think this is getting really difficult to control"

SirSupremacy; "No shit sherlock."

Sam; "Nahhh, I got it.

Sam is very unknown and is only alive in a giant cross that aligns down in a curved position. It is where he lives. It is under Mount. Dildo. He sometimes tries to keep is from erupting, and the one who now keeps it safe. He was the one who tried to stop The gerbish-SirSupremacy war, but had to side with kensni and SirSupremacy , though does not liking sides. Known and reffered to as a man, can also very easily be a woman.

SirSupremacy; "don't assume, he kills you like a freaking SJW."

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