Saga .U. Diik was a space jew born in 50 BGA. He ran perhaps the most vulgar brothel in Idaho, and leads the Brothels rights protest in Idaho. He owned the brothel that was the place of The First Battle of Mount Dildo. But the powers of Whoagh and Anakin turned it into a volcano. The brothel soon burnt down and he made another brothel: Sierra Dicks 2.0. At the grand reopening of this brothel a mysterious short figure crept in and stabbed him twice in the chest. It was a relief becuase he was a douche, but the city's population growth went down 40 percent.

Saga Diik is most likely the biological father of Yousie.

Saga Diik actually founded the very popular business, Pastrami City, which he abandoned and was late picked up by DJ Khaled.

Not much is known about his childhood, except that he spent much time listening to Dion and masturbating, which led to his fascination with sex and music. In 34BGA he formed a "punk rock band" with his other horny space jews. But how did a Teen with an evident future? The same year the band was founded, Saga's dad was killed in a sex toy malfunction. His mother grew lonely and her plastibell just happened to be the plastibell that would become Kensni's plastibell. The plastibell revolted and killed his mother. Saga was assumed to go to an orphanage, but he didn't want to die of either a Weakmeg overdose or because the orphanage "accidentally" burnt down. He moved the fuck out. But it turns out getting pussy and money is quite difficult when you're homeless. He gathered up all his money (and his many "hos") and purchased a plot of land inside an immortal zone. He built a brothel in 24 BGA, a year a before the birth of the 2 Elder Gods. The zone was named after the bROThel: Sierra Dildo. Business went on for several decades but soon after the First Battle of Mount Dildo the mountain erupted and burnt down the brothel. Saga made another, named Sierra Dildo 2.0, but this time at the grand reopening he was killed.

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