Good Food; An Industry Edit

Pastrami City, is a food company started in 25 BGA by Saga Diik as a business to gain more revenue for his greedy ass. The business only sold Pastrami, which the peasants ignored it at first as the prices were high as fuck, (3 Ankkkoinz and 75 Studs for half a Pastrami stick, almost as bad as Whole Foods) Saga abandoned his business venture and forgot about it. After he abandoned it, a fat DJ named Khaled, took the business and lowered prices to 50 Studs. Immediately peasants began trying this "Pastrami" and enjoyed it very ferociously and lapped up like cats at a milk platter, if cats actually do that. In 23BGA, a man by the name of Draw Bottis bought the business rights and demoted Khaled to be his second in command. After this though, more sausages were sold and the business expanded to all across old Idaho and using realm gates, it expanded to the other realms back in the day when they were all seperate. Currently Pastrami City has acumulated an estimated total net worth of about 4.3 Billion Ankkkoinz. dh

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