Our History (Did You Get a Hoot And A Holler Out Of That?) Edit


Before there was light there was your mom, oh sorry, I meant Ghost Anakin's Mom. He came from her deep red hole, it is unknow how he came, maybe of a prostate implan, maybe he was a test tube baby, but whatever the matter his birth was holy and he was born a boY. He flourished in his youth, but there was no light yet so for hi homeschool project he created it. Then the first realm, motel room 0 was created. Out from Anakin's blocky cock came torrent of dimension, and let's be honest it was a very remarkable block cock. The dimension he chose to rule, was Lego Star Wars rated E 10+ Mild Violence and Crude Humor. Our Lord and Savoir had the Realms, then he created blocky hoes, like Padme, and his Daugther Leia to fuck and there were a lot of babes. As he was furiously infecting his penile region with chlamidia, he knew there was a peoble. He smelt it. A green figure flew from the sky. As our Lord looked upon him he knew he was in trouble. The thing said one sentence, with asterisks visible. It said, *Pulls out M16 and threatens to kill mother if Ananie dos'nt give up a realm.* Anakin gave into this being and gave him the desolate realm, we call Roblitz. Him and Yoda shared beers as they furiously gave everyone herpes in their groian region. As they drank their scopolamine infused drinks, a dark figure rose from the distance. It said "I am Obi-Wan, and I command a realm." So Anakin gave him Minnesota, cause fuck Obi Wan, Said Anakin. As the three became good broads with each other and even gooderfellas, (refrence hahahah) the darkness began to bloom. Anakin's brother Moobulated grew angry and a series of political assasinations occured. Many Lego's fell that day, and there was no true jedi sizzup to around, which was the drink that gave Anakin his powers. As their friends fell to Moob the Boob, and the infamous, True Story GABLIN, who was Anakin's sex slave a time ago, now converted to Judiasm. Anakin had made a babe to GABLIN, some called him Yousi, but his real name was The Memelinger. The Memeslinger was a proud Jew but not until 1941 ABA, when Padame was killed by a Coup, Led by none other than the warlord, SirWilliamWard. Anakin was enraged, and called upon his highest apostle and father, Kensni, who is actually the father of all but not our Lord, Ghost Anakin, who sacrificed himself, later that day as the forces marched upon his kingdom. It's kind of like that faggot religion Christianity, but they will never understand cause Jesus the false messiah just ate bread and drank wine, Anakin turned the realm into wonder and orgies he died and whenever someone blew their load plastic legs currency came out, but everyone was sterile so no worries of inflation here! The other holy trinity members used their power and became ghosts to fight the evil forces advancing on the realm and stuff. They basically fucked the bad guys blah blah blah went into exile and if you get all the holy minikits and not those gay extra bricks, but all the true Jedi sizzup, maybe, just maybe, you will be graced with their favor and maybe they will come back to our realm and destroy the evil Mormons And Jehovahs Witnesse, among other evils. After the evils were banished there was peace. From the ashes their was a friendship. Kensni, who fathered everthin, came with his sons, Yousie and SirWilliamWard, and Jeremiah and they cel, as Yousie had converted to Anakinism, as did Ward, which essentially voids all punish,net, even though Ward smited our lord and savior not Jesus Christ's Boe. The three became good friends, until from over the hills, a blond Austrian Realm Bastard came. His name was Gerb. He was cool, and stuff was peaceful. Kensni introduced the nutmeg crop and the succes was amazing. But moobulated made some knockoffs of nutmeg and it was not good. It was called 15 DollarMegs Of Idaho. As they ducked it out very professionaly in the business world, a sector of New York City, the capital of Idaho. Idaho being all the realms as they congealed together in peace after most of the "evil" was expunged. Also by the way anyone who likes new lego games is a fag. So they grew a lot of nutmeg, and snorted most of it and it was good, he lied. Kensni tried to bond with the only person who wasn't his son, moobulate and they became fast friends over the telegraph system. He also invented the internet for a science project and then some faggot mad e discord which is totally unrelatable and #NotNice. Over the connection a broadcast was heard. It was a rogur broadcast. A fatherly voice came over the speakers. It was SpectreBeanz the edgelorde, or samurai biker biker. Their bonds increase and after moob has a falling out, the demigods all unite, and form a Club back in New York City called the Grass Rug. The club's first patron is Sam, a 10 year old kid with the power to control the meme void, an untouched place most of the evil came from, but it could be used for good, like in his situation, gassing Jehvah's Wittnesses. The Club started a following and many people converted to Anakinsim instead of the fake religions. These were good times.

~The Gerbish-Jad Wars~

As the religion took back the few realms the evil had fled too, in order to get bad the sacred minikits that the lord had left, there was a fight. Gerb Derb orchestrated a plan to play a joke on Yousi, but as usual he had a very good nose and his period level went up 4000 points. The room got bloody in the club and tampon blood went everywhere. Gerb pulled out his big guns and showed them to his babe as a joke. Yet more menstral blood squirted out of him and there was a fight, which got crazy as shit started to fly and essentialply half the realm died off. Then they made up then they fought, but it was futile, even if they fought hard they'd still make up. Wars started with Jad. Same conclusion. Kensni usuoaully didn't get too involved and SpectreBeanz was too busy inventing Brazzers and RealityKings. so the wars raged on until there was a stale period. No wars. No nothing. And a seemingly innocent nerf gun weapons delivery in a Idahooan tundra is sent to the gang. The demigods respond and a few go to collect the weapons, but something goes.

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