Nutmeg is a highly valuable cash crop in Idaho. The scientific name is Myristica fragrans and it is a evergreen tree known for its myristicin, safrole, and elemicin, all anticholinergic. Only true Demigays or Gods are equipped to take it, so Nutmeg is usually converted to Weakmeg for peasants. Nutmeg is known to change entire personalities or vitalities. Weakmeg is toxic to dogs so there has been many assasination attempts on Whoagh, but Whoaghs nose is so good that he can detect it. Lately Weakmeg has been used as heroin amongst the peasants so many have died. GABLIN, the leader of the Devil's Grass cartel, copied the nutmeg DNA to create his lesser non-papa bless crop. SirSupremacy uses Nutmeg as a weapon by blowing it in creatures faces like scopolamine. He also makes it a weapon by throwing it into their faces until they get so stoned they die.

SirSupremacy manufacter's nutmeg in his amazing Nutmeg Manufacturing co.

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