One Hell Of A Mean Jew Edit

Born in BGA 56 Nino was what some call a true "GoodFellas". He was born into a mafia commission and almost drowned into a sink in 40. He was happy when he left the commission as the mafia guys always called him a kyke, which is pretty mean slang for Jew. Adter the mafia Nino took up playing on the Juno-106 synthesizer and singing his Jewish prayers in public so he could pay his rent. He actually got so good that his Horny Space Jew friend, Saga Diik, asked him to play is his band, Horny Space Jews in BGA 34. After the band made some hits, it disbanded in BGA 23. Nino is old now but he often aides his vague associat, Efrgor, by taking names for him. Jad and SpectreBeanz were assigned by Kensni to take him out.

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