Mount Macaroni is a mountain in the void. In 24 AGA It was found that Ricktatorship lived in a cave on the side of Mt. Macaroni while Yousie was scouting on the Mountain.


Mt. Macaroni; picture taken by Yousie circa 24 AGA.

There are 4 sections to the mountain. The sea of coffee made at 2 am, the worshiping center, the gorge of dick battles, and Ricktatorship's cave. When Yousie was forced to Mount Macaroni, he had to get to the top to escape the non believers, which made him accidentally go into a cave, which is now Ricktatorship's cave. Mount Macaroni is known for its large amounts of macaroni, and the sea of coffee is known for drawing people in, due to its aroma. Yousie was the first to climb Mount Macaroni, and you can still see his flag at the very top. Mount Macaroni is also where Yousie found the love of his life, the chair to his noose, Evan.

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