Moob Edit

Moobulated (Born On 3rd Of Wet Shit BGA13), often known as the phantom scribbler, wields a Shop and Stop brand Wank'em Inept drawing pad that he puts over his vagina and strayed in to create a sick perversion he likes to call art. Moobulated learned these scamming abilities when he was very young, from his step dad. He is often see scamming people at Mos Eisley Cantina. He started the self titled "Moob Gang" in 13 AGA, to protect against the people who continusly mugged him for the money he made scribbling "art" that looked exactly the same on every pitcure. He is possibly the biggest cock ever, and has an annoying South Idahoian accent. He is said to lurk in the Brighton area with Corbis

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