Silver war minecraft part 105:36

Silver war minecraft part 1

Matthew Edit

"You know about that black stuff? Martin Luther King? He was part of that black stuff."-Matt

Matthew is the embo of all Void Cringe and existential crisises. He has a horrible music taste and is the commander of The Void's forces. He plans out where Void breaches will happen and what Al Quesidilla, his private Mexican terroist attack regiment, will do next. He also is the mastermind between Moob's Gang and other forces of evil.

In 23 AGA on the 42nd of Dry Shit, Cocksworth rolled into Gabür on their Über Brand tanks and were holding mass shootings of Senseists. They occupied the city for a few days, as Whoagh and Gerbish were blocked in the Gabür Godhouse. They snuck out under the cover of darkness and fucked up the Void forces pretty hard. They pushed them back and Cocksworth rose a hand towards Gerbish. Whoagh said "No my son!" And engaged in battle with Cocksworth. The battle raged on for days. Whoagh used his extreme Doggo powers, and by using Tail Waguis Maxiumus, smacking him off the tower, and casting Implemetus Kidneystonus Explodus, a variant of the normal spell that makes the initial kidney stone explosion much larger. This, in turn with pushing Cocksworth off the Captial Tower of Gabür paralyzed him from the waist down. The only reason Cocksworth didn't die, ending his thousand year regime, was because of his Human based race, Overweightus Maximus, which makes him almost invulnerable to fall damage, as his cellulite levels are more vast than his chromosones.

Cocksworth now uses a wheelchair much like Proffesor X in Xme, and the wheelchair can levitate very minorly.

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