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Mason The Man Boob Edit

Mason is Anakin's step brother with a few extra chromosomes added onto his genome structure. All of the oxygen in his DNA is replaced by plutonium, he personally is that radioactive. When his brother, Anakin died in the great field battle of Idaho, becoming our lord and savior, he went into a 50 year exile like Moses, leading his false religion across the ugly idhoian playeu, creating the Mormons, who all became Jehovahs Witnesses. His religion failed as they labeled a faggot gay inbred at his local private school, Whearing High School. Moobulate, or the man boob as his classmates called him, used to touch his sister while thinking of smoking a weed, when I reality he was eating dried up corn hush in his dad's fields. It all got bad when his mom got beaten by his landlord, and they were kicked out. It was a fine day for the universe, until after 6 years of wandering the Idahoian Tundra, the Gerbish War broke out. It was between SirWilliamWard and The Gerb Derb. It ended in a draw, but Moobulated's house, which was a shack after he was kicked out, was destroyed. Selking vengance on the ones who worship his step brother born of wedlock, he sets out on a quest to ruin everyone's day, and scam people for robux, but mostly Anakkkoinz, the currency of our realm. He scams people for the sole reason of not only their money, but also their livelyhood and happiness, because he takes about a year to sketch on his Wacom Intous Pad, he stole from SirWilliamWard, the demigod of regret and jews, otherwise know as Abraallah, or as Kensni would put it "my other son".

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