The Multiverse Edit

Idaho is a collection of important parts of Realms sewn together by Abraham. A lot of it is desolate and hellish, just fields of blumpkin crop and fake nutmeg. Many beings roam the plains, especially the demigod crusaders, who are on the hunt for the Moob Gangs and Void Bad Guys. Its capital is Boise. It is the largest Realm, and the capitol of the Multiverse.

An example of the Idahoian plains, a desolate region where many Asian rice farmers, like FilfthyFrank and RiceGum live, as the ground is very fertile, as this is part of the Asian realm. There are many famous places here such as Mos Eisley Cantina, Pastrami City, and one of the first portals ever created which serves as a gateway to the Florida Realm.

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