Oh What A Band!

This band was created by Saga Diik shocking hits like "Horny Space Jews With Attitude" and "Angsty Teens Getting Horny To Six Years Olds" As Well As "Gett'in Horny To Jewish Prayers" and "Torah Viybez". They play at the Mos Eisley Cantina.


Saga Diik Singer/Songwriter (FORMER)

IMG 0777

White Ass Faces; Drumers, And Saxophoners

IMG 0778

Lionmaker; Lead Guitarist

IMG 0779

Cenk "The Buffalo" Unygar; Lead Bassist

IMG 0772

Nino; Synth Player And Jewish Prayer Leader

IMG 0774
Lando Calzone; Jazz Flute

Sadly, a year before Saga Diik's death, they broke up due to Lion Maker molesting children and Saga's crippling weakmeg addiction.

IMG 0783

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