Ghost Anakin (real name Anakin Stickster) is the known lord and savior of the Cult Of Anakin, he is the founder of Anakinism. When he died, he paved the way for the birth of The Stickster Dynasty. He is the Savior. He sired the realms and sacrificed himself to ghost for the greater good. In 6 BGA Whoagh supposedly killed Anakin but he was reborn as a ghost.

The truth though, he never died. He simply gave up Mortality to become immortal and gain control over Idaho. Ghost Anakin is very powerful and has much lore to go over. He married Padme, who he kind of hated because she kept sleeping with Obi-Wan. (Anakin Later forgives Obi-Wan and lets him be part of his Grand Council, along with SirSupremacy,kensni,Ghost yoda, (exc..) ) He was a peasent jedi who let his parents die. When he was a boy, he made a bond with another two boys named Kensni and Jad. They taught him about how good it was to be jedi. Even though they didn't care much. He was a peasent, but became a jedi and moved to Idaho. He created the universe somehow. He became god as he was always destined to and never had parents. He ruled until Whoagh, his old college rival arrived. They had huge battle over control. It was an indecisive win, but Anakin underestimated Whoagh, he died but kind of let himself die in order to become Ghost Anakin.

Since, he was a Ghost he became Immortal, and created the Immortal realm. He then re-created Idaho with Whoagh. He adopted Kensni and SirSuprmeacy to join him as his second in command. They Created the Annakanist Cult: 1 AGA just when the Senseist created their cult worshipping Whoagh. Ghost Anakin has much more stories. He helped create Sam and they had many good good times together. Making things and controlling things, and shit like that. Then The Gerbish-SirSupremacy War began. Ghost Anakin easily sided with SirSupremacy and they had a large battle before being sent to the immortal realm. (See the Battle of Gerbish-SirSupremacywar article)

Ghost Anakin also uses the spell he created

Horidonus Meme-Macaronis

which is a majical spell attack that only Ghost Anakin knows.

All in all, Ghost Anakin has done many other things. See them all on other articles.

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