Gabür is the capital city of The Senseist Regime. It is a holy city to The Senseists because their god, Whoagh, grew up there and became a god there. Most Senseists to a holy journey to see the Shrine Of Whoagh inside the Holy Temple of Gabür. During the Void Wars it was briefly occupied by the void, who were holding mass shootings of Senseist and Anakinist people alike. Whoagh and Gerbish immediately left their God House and joined up with the other demigays to eliminate the void occupation of the city. Whoagh permanently disabled Matthew Cocksworth with Implementus Kidneystonus, which scared the void out of the city. Those that remained were immediately taken out by the Argument Mafia.

The Void is encroaching on Gabür's territories, so the leaders of the Senseist Regime/ Cult are currently in combat with Chin-Chin and Matthew Cocksworth.

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