The Time periods represented the different times and events from after and before like B.C. and A.D. except it's sexier. Let's begin.

A.G.A. - AGA means- After Ghost Anakin, this is after Anakin became a sexy ghost and became immortal and took over the world. So, The gerbish jad war and other things.

B.G.A. - Before Ghost Anakin Became A ghost and immortal and the savior of reality. So yes, praise the Lord.

Stickster Dynasty (SD) The Stickster Dynasty was right before Ghost Anakin but reborn after he became a ghost and it pretty much ruled Idaho from then on and forever.

Whoagh and Ghost Anakin Battle One and Two: These were two battles between Whoagh and Ghost Anakin and are Base Periods somethes used: "After/Before the First/Second Battle of Mount Dildo"

Gerbish-Jad War: A war waging on many years between the Senseist Cult and The Anakanism Cult, until a peace treaty was created.

Paradox Void of Creation: The beginning of time and existence.

This is basically it, more can be edited later.

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