Rules Edit

Map of Idaho

A map of Idaho, circa 5 BGA

This is the definitive lore book no exceptions.

If you ever write anything, you need to pass it by SirSupremacy and Chicken Snicket.

Then SpectreBeanz will be in charge of editing and making sure no crap is


The rest shouldn't be an issue. No making things without passing it by others, no self gratification, no changing what is already canon.

Generic Lore Edit


In the beginning there was nothing, just a deep, sticky fluid, then there was something. The void shook as something appeared, the first being of this reality. Abraham, with a VR, and some minecraft hands. He thought he was playing minecraft and he built some stuff while in reality he was building the current Idaho. Now, Abraham got really bored and eventually he realized he had a VR on. He took it off, and saw his creation, a large mass of land with dirt and grass and a large pasture near the horizon. Now Abraham, got bored with having no one less around. So he created a child, the second meme being in the universe of reality. John Stickster, who was the King of Stickster Dynasty. He also created James Stickster who was John Sticksters younger brother by 0.00000001 minutes. The picture to the top right explains everyone in the family tree, and it will be explain more in depth HERE . After the family was created, out of the void appeared a large amounts of people who inhabited Idaho. Though this was only one of the realms, it was the capitol of the universe, and was the largest of all. With the power of the dynasty they created other realms. Over time, the void grew unstable, and it became an issue. This was bestowed upon Abraham to fix. Abraham had a foreboding vision of the future, in which he saw Anakin, then as a ghost, and all the events that happened. He kept it a secret, but told the necesary details to a group of people that formed The Anakinism Cult and religion. This gained a cult following, and these people existed in order to close the void. Now a group of people in the cult who realized the Anakinism Cult's plan to seal the void, defected from the cult and created their own, known as The Senseists. They included, Gabe the Dog, and others. the Anakinism Cult included, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Abraham, John Stickster, and James Stickster, and other followers who's names were forgotten. Abraham, goes to seal the void, but as he is doing it with the other Anakinists, the Senseists arrive, and stop them in their tracks. They have a battle while they try to stall time for Abraham to seal the void. Obi-Wan is killed by Gabe the Dog, and out of rage, Yoda creates a stick attack making them stunned. But, as Abraham is about to finish, Gabe the Dog uses a very powerful version of Tail Waguis Maximus. It smacks Abraham in the face fracturing his neck, but Abraham uses his power to close the void anyway, but dies afterwards, creating an explosion, in which Abraham made The Mountain in order to close the void and keep it closed forever, or so that is what he hoped. He died, and Gabe the Dog, is badly injured from the explosion, but does survive. The Stickster dynasty rules for much longer, and everyone mourns for Abraham. Ghost Anakin and Whoagh and so begins the new era: The Anakinism Era.

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