Draw E. Bottis was born in 68 BGA, and being extremely old, he is hooked up to life support right now with terminal chromosone cancer. He is the Chairman of Pastrami CIty Incorporated. Only recently has he come under legal fire for being associated with the Efraimson Crime Family. Draw Bottis also worked at the first of Saga Diik's brothels.

Early Life Edit

Draw E. Bottis was born in the Florida Realm in 68 BGA on the 3rd of Wet Shit. He mostly pedaled for money for the first 30 or so years of life. He always had a knack for cooking so he drifted around for many years, and in his 40's he cooked for Saga Diik's vulgar, but famous brothel, Sierra Dildos. He quit after only a few months because of the horrible employee conditions, but saw an opportunity when his boss, Saga Diik abandoned his short lived resteruant, Pastrami CIty. Draw Bottis bought the rights to Pastrami city in 23 BGA from the manager, DJ Khaled, who worked as his Manager.

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