Blessed Tea Edit

Blessed Tea is a holy drink made with a wide array of spices, foods, and other drinks. Only Demigays, gods, high ranking officials, and ghosts can drink this. If you want to drink it, you must get one of those people. It was originally created by SirSupremacy in an experiment as Professor Quantum.

Ingredients Edit

Blessed Tea must contain:

Nutmeg or Weakmeg (your blessed tea will not be as good if you use Weakmeg)


All of the spices you have

pepsi/coca cola




Preparation Edit

To properly prepare Blessed Tea, you must:

  1. Get a high ranking official, Demigay, God, or Ghost.
  2. Preform the opening ritual.
  3. Make normal tea.
  4. Add the ingredients, along with any other blessed items you wish to add.
  5. Preform the closing ritual.
  6. Consume with whoever you chose.

Side effects and warnings Edit

Before you consume Blessed Tea, be aware of the effects. Blessed Tea can cause hallucinations, vocal spasms, mostly saying "Papa bless", temporary arrogance/inflated ego, vomiting, and paranoia. Please be safe during the use of Blessed Tea.

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